Dog Fest / Cat Fest: all natural treats for dogs & cats

The ones we love deserve the best and nothing less

This is what we at PET FEST keep in mind when producing our finest dog treats. We use only farm fresh meat. You can be sure that there are no artificial flavourings or preservatives used, so your dog can enjoy the true taste of real meat.
All dogs are different and have different tastes. This is why in our product range you can find treats made from a variety of meats: chicken, duck, mutton, beef. You can choose from tender treats, which are great for training, or munchy ones, which would take some time to chew on.
Any treat you choose, you can be sure that you give your dog the best you can find. Your dog will appreciate each piece of "Dog Fest" and will always beg for more. So chose your dog’s favourite flavour or check out a partners page.