Dog Fest / Cat Fest: all natural treats for dogs & cats

We appreciate you being our partner

We are open to cooperation with various participants of the market of goods for pets and organizations for animals. Together we can do more. Join.

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To distributors

No one knows the specifics of the region better than those who work there. Only being directly "on the spot" is making possible to be actively engaged in product distribution, to trace a situation in the market, to carry out delivery and to receive actual feedback from consumers quickly.

We appreciate this experience and fully rely on it, choosing a partner for the development of our brand in different regions. Being aware of the value of the contribution of each of our regional representatives, we offer unique conditions to our partners:
— exclusive distribution rights in the region;
— well-built, mutually beneficial system of constructing a price list;
— high level of marketing support.

If you have a desire to work with our fast growing trademark, if you are the representative of the wholesale company, and "Dog Fest" isn't presented in your region yet, we will be glad to discuss with you cooperation.
To retailers

We devote a lot of time to market research and identifying demand from pet owners. Thanks to it, any shop, whether it is a hypermarket, small shop in a far placed area, a vet clinic, a pet salon or online store, can be sure of high sales of our products.

We not only deliver the high-quality goods having high demand, but also provide everything necessary for advance of production directly in a point of sales. Racks for exhibiting products, samples for the initial acquaintance with the delicacies, leaflets with a detailed description of each position — this is only a small part of what we are ready to provide.

We offer a transparent system of discounts, minimum requirements for the amount of the order, prompt delivery and high quality service. We will be glad to see you among our regular customers, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our cooperation.
To exhibitions organizers

We pay special attention to communication with our customers. There is no better chance to do this than meeting at exhibitions, competitions or other events with the participation of pets and their owners.

We will be glad to receive an invitation to take part in your event. We are ready to consider any kind of cooperation: from sponsorship and prizes to rent space in the event venues.

For all questions of cooperation in the field of exhibitions and other events involving dogs and cats, please contact us.
To nurseries

We have been successfully cooperating with breeders for a long time. It is their invaluable experience that allows us to constantly improve existing products and develop new ones. People engaged in professional breeding of dogs and cats have valuable practical knowledge about these animals. We offer special conditions for cattery owners and breeders. Don't hesitate to discuss some cooperation.